Buyer Tips

 “What’s the best way to buy a property?” “When is the best time to buy?” “How much will I have to pay for the property I want?”

People are constantly seeking answers to these questions, and to the many other issues that can arise when setting out to buy a home or apartment. At Opti, we’ve heard them all many times. Some of the key points are listed below but for a more comprehensive discussion, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Why, Where, When, How Much

These four points are the essential foundation for any buyer. Be able to explain exactly why you want to buy. Have a short list of locations and housing styles that fit your criteria for happiness. Develop a timeline, but be prepared to be flexible. Have a firm ceiling as to how much you can afford to pay – and be determined NOT to be flexible!

Pre-Approved Finance

Once the above points are set, contact your bank or mortgage broker and acquire a figure, in writing, indicating how much you’ll be able to borrow. NOTE: make sure you have the deposit amount covered in advance!

Rules and Conditions

Gain an understanding of the do’s and don’ts that apply to the auction process if it’s likely that you’ll buying at a public auction. The absence of a cooling off period for property bought at a public auction is one example of something to be aware of!

Insurance Cover Note

Arrange with your insurance company to have a cover note placed on any property you buy so that’s you’re covered for the period between purchase date and settlement date.


Speak to us regarding the best approach to buying. Yes, the vendor is our client and we have to out their interest first. However, without a successful buyer we have no sale, so it’s in everyone’s interests to have you well informed!

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