Landlords Tips

Deciding to be a landlord can be a rewarding real estate experience – and the chance of success can be enhanced by considering some key points. The list below may not be comprehensive but some or all of these points could be beneficial to you as a landlord, to your tenant and to a stress free time during the life of lease.

Leasing Agent

Selecting the real estate agency to manage your investment property is clearly crucial and of course we hope that for you, Opti Homes Real Estate is the team that you want to be playing the property management game for you!

We’ll do everything we can to prove to you that your property will be in the best possible hands with us.

To be responsible, to be professional, we should alert you to the other crucial factors to assess prior to taking the decision to let your home or apartment:

Rental Rate  

Be up front - and realistic – regarding the rental figure you attach to your property and be clear from the outset regarding the timing and frequency with which the rent will be reviewed.

Terms and Conditions

Work with your property manager to ensure any prospective tenant is completely aware of the terms and conditions of the lease, including the frequency and timing of property inspections. In particular it’s important that penalties for non-compliance or terminating a lease ahead of time are explicitly expressed.

Presentation and Maintenance

Prior to advertising your property for lease, complete any maintenance jobs, presentation upgrades such as painting or landscaping so that your home or apartment looks its best. Doing so can help attract quality tenants and/or pitch for premium rent.


Be prepared to be flexible, especially if you have great tenants. Meeting them halfway on requests they may have during a lease can mean they stay longer and are appreciative of the effort you have made to accommodate them.

Agent – again!

The right property manager will be ready, willing and, most importantly, able to assist you with all the points above. We are!  We call it putting the ‘proper’ into property, the ‘manage’ into management.

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