Tenant Tips

It’s widely acknowledged and understood that the Melbourne rental market is highly competitive and likely to remain so far into the future. While this is obviously advantageous for landlords, there are some significant strategies and approaches that assist tenants to secure the property they desire. As a prominent player in the property management space, Opti is committed to working with both parties to a lease to create a mutually rewarding experience.

Agent Relationship

Creating lines of communication and forming a working relationship with the property management department of a reputable, professional real estate agency – like us at Opti Homes Real Estate – can distinguish you from the many other prospective tenants out there looking for a property to call home. 

Establish Credentials

Preparing paperwork that’s accurate, honest and up to date will help property managers and landlords have confidence in your suitability as a tenant. Particular attention should be paid to documents that demonstrate your capacity to meet rental payments.

References and Records

Compile covering letters, references from previous landlords and property managers and keep your record of previous and current employment handy so that you’ll have the material to support a rental application readily available when you find the right property.

Impressions and Initiatives

First impressions do count, so when you visit or inspect a property that you like, it’s a great idea to engage with the property manager if possible, and let them know that you’re definitely interested. Perhaps pre-empt the agent’s request for an application by having the necessary paperwork on hand.

Presentation and Maintenance

Taking the time and trouble to maintain your rental property and always have it in a state that could pass a manager’s inspection not only gives you and the agent peace of mind – it also ensures you maximize enjoyment of your home!


Always be quick to communicate with your property manager regarding any problems or issues that may arise with your home or apartment. Equally, some communication to say that everything is great and that you love living in the property will mean you gain - and keep – your agent’s, and your landlord’s positive opinion. It’s worth it!

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